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I Can’t Believe How I Spent My Morning

For about an hour, this morning, over approximately two and a half cups of tea, a diary, and a red pen, I organised my email inbox at work. Now, I don’t mean to suggest that I got all Soviet on it and instigated a mass purge. Oh no. Rather, I made new email directories. And not just for each book on which I work, but also different systems used at our company, odd quirks that could come up as a potential query from someone, and even a ‘Useful Advice from My Boss’ directory. Because sometimes my boss says really useful things that are worth remembering.

So now I have 43 work-related email directories that I can access. 43.

I feel like I ought to go and do something completely immature and irresponsible to compensate for this judiciously adult-like undertaking. Perhaps today is a good day to wander into an arcade hall with a pocket full of coins …


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