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The Reduced Drink Experience: Day Seven


A busy day. An educational day.

Following a stop-in at my local cafe for a cappuccino, I wound my way to Ashfield, to help a friend take care of her 18 month old son (she’d had an operation involving the appendix leaking a bit like a mostly ok but not quite perfect kitchen faucet where the nobs never seem to be tight enough).

I learned a bit about baby poo – which, when it involves diapers, really looks like an accident was perpetrated against a chocolate cake that involved collapsing knees, gravity, and a severe lack of pants.

Following several wonderful hours of taking care of the most adorable 18 month old baby I have ever met, I hightailed it for the city, for trivia training. See, I’m training to become a trivia host. Stuff working in finance – being a trivia host is just a billion times most interesting and rewarding (isn’t hyperbole just the best thing ever?).

Following my bit of the show, I took the time to sit and enjoy a pint of cider with a Russian guy that the host introduced me to. A Russian who grew up in the same city as my father.

And attended the same university as my father.

And studied in the same faculty as my father.

And in all likelihood, probably knows my father.

We spent a bit of time chatting after trivia wrapped up. A pint of cider was followed by a pint of Kosciuszko beer, followed later by one final schooner of Coopers before heading home. (I paced myself, fret not!)

What a tremendously weird and awesome experience though, to meet someone that’s a quarter of a degree removed from my father. And who’s also a Frank Herbert fan too!

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The Reduced Drink Experience: Day One

To the best of my knowledge, I don’t drink too much. 1-2 ciders per day, sometimes maybe a few more – but spread out carefully across a late afternoon and evening, so as to maintain a reasonable drink-to-time ratio.

For some time though, I had been thinking of pulling back and slowly coming off the cider – and alcohol in general. It was a desire I’d expressed prior to leaving my last job, where I most certainly drank to cope with the stresses and pressures that continued increasing in my role.

Now that I’ve been away from the job for over a month now, and have had some time to sleep in, regain a sense of sanity, and explore my interests and hobbies in greater depth, I’m thinking it’s time to fulfill some of the promises Then Ilya made to Now Ilya.

So for the purposes of engaging in a regular writing activity and tracking my developments in this Grand Quest, I’ll be producing daily updates on my progress – much like I do with my beard growth on my Instagram account. 

Let us then designate today, 7 March 2017, as Day One of the Reduced Drink Experience. 


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