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The Reduced Drink Experience: Day Eight

A rainy day. Dreary, in a pleasant, relaxing way.

Ended up driving down to Brighton Le Sands and then the northern part of The Shire (Caringbah) for no reason in particular, whilst listening to The Counting Crows. I figure it was a form of meditation on what I was due to write on in my diary today, as well as to simply enjoy the freedom of not being constrained to a desk and job that made me absolutely miserable, and learning to enjoy life again – or at least continuing to learn how to enjoy life again.

Returned home and read for a bit – am trying to finish ‘Dust of Dreams’ – Steven Erikson’s ninth  – and penultimate – Malazan novel. Following a few hours of reading, I began cooking dinner for a friend who was visiting to announce some excellent and totally smile-inducing news (she quit her job, which, like my previous job, made her miserable, for impressively similar reasons).

Managed to cook some fish, rice (with a bit of spice sprinkled into it), and some steamed vegetables smeared in pesto. We enjoyed them with a six pack of XXXX. Had three myself over the course of the evening, before returning to my desk to focus on my homework for my psychologist and write up the events of the preceding days.

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Somewhat cruel and unusual

From a conversation had a few days ago, after rocking up at Charlie’s house:

Her: Hey sweet-cheeks!

Me: Evenin’, gorgeous. I brought you your favourite.

Her: You’re a doll. Chuck it in the beer fridge.

(Out back, Gavin and Alex and Brownie are all chatting away about something, whilst I quickly put the beer away)

Me: Hey Gav, Brownie.

Gavin: Hey Ilya! Oh, we have a new name for you, isn’t that right Charlie?

Charlie: Yeah, your parents gave you the wrong name.

Me: What? No they didn’t.

Charlie: We decided that you really ought to be called Jack Russell.

Gavin: Like the dog!

Me: What? Why?!

Gavin: Well mate, you’re clearly just like one!

Me: What? Small and white?

Charlie: And just as excitable!

Me: I like my name!

Gavin: Sure you do, Jack!

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