Editor. Writer. Singer. Trivia fiend. Stubble-faced geek.

These are all correct.

Thus, to whit: I am stubble-faced, geeky, and verbally dangerous. Of late: Armed with space opera text. Occupationally hazardous when: armed with red editing pen. Most recently, in the process of producing the first draft of a science-fiction novel, and assisting (strictly editorially) in the development of an original role-playing game.

7 responses to “About

  1. This needs updating, you don’t have stubble anymore.

    Also, I want to see your sci-fi. Consider me as an editor for your draft?

    • ohilya

      I’ve been really struggling with it. It’s something that I don’t know how to deal with.

      I’ve scribbled a million and one notes, and have even made a map (a thing I didn’t really want to do, but ended up doing just as a reminder of where places were), but…I’m struggling with the writing. Not because I can’t write, but…I can’t maintain focus, so I write little bits and pieces.

      It feels like I’m stuck in a kind of Woody Allen-like neurotic prison room of neurotic behaviour.

      • Well as soon as you feel you have something I can look through or any sort of point of view I might be able to offer, let me know. Even if it’s just a collection of bits I might suggest some way of stringing together?

        In the meantime, I think just writing anything, every day, is the best way to get the coordination going. I’ve always found that the more I write, the easier it gets. That sounds stupidly obvious, but it’s surprising how easily a disruption can turn into a permanent state of not-writing, and how hard that can be to come back from.

        • ohilya

          And in that regard, my current job has been extremely disruptive. I’ve had to deal with *extreme* depression, a massive lack of energy on a daily basis, excessive hours, and no real ‘me time’ during the day of any value (I chucked the fucking mega epic-shits when I got flack for taking my actual lunch break a few weeks ago), which left me feeling functionally brain-drained and in no state to be functional or creative.

          Thus why the 30 books Good Reads challenge was so important – it was a sign that I could somehow…reassert myself and my needs and wants, however insignificant they might be.

          Particularly given that my coworkers, to their own admittance, do not read for pleasure (they read for work, yes, but…if it’s not work, it’s not part of their extra-curricular time).

        • ohilya

          Sounds like something Neil Gaiman or … Pratchett…or someone wrote. ‘Write every day. And eventually you’ll start to maybe get the hang of it and feel good about your writing’.

    • ohilya

      Also, I would update the ‘About’ bit now, but we’re heading off for a camping trip tomorrow morning, so my mission for the night was to watch two more episodes of Arrow (have just started watching season 4 episodes) and have some dinner.

      Both things have been accomplished, as we are otherwise packed in advance for tomorrow’s departure.

      So the ‘About’ page is something to update upon our return after the new year.

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