The Reduced Drink Experience: Day Six

Date day!

I love date day!

We started with brunch at a cafe, moved to a doggy park to let the pups run around off-lead and play with other pups, then visited Galaxy to say hello to the lovely staff there and pick up a few books to add to our ever-expanding library (we have a beautiful library).

On our way back, we popped into a store called ‘Howards’ (if I am not mistaken) to purchase some kitchen and houseware, including a shaving mirror with x5 magnification, to help me better take care of my beard.

Having finished off this domestic task, we popped by home, dropped off and crated the pups, and left for Strathfield, to meet some friends for dinner (Korean BBQ – omnom!). Because we once again found ourselves out with friends, I allowed myself to indulge in two James Boags with dinner (a million billion tonnes of pork, beef, and chicken).

Jade of course drove home, as the food coma that followed dinner left me unable to function properly. Compounded by the pain in my quads from Friday’s workout at the gym, and I was in no shape to drive. Which was just fine by me!

It was a good date day though. Really good.

I love having date days with Jade.











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