The Reduced Drink Experience: Day Five

Bow howdy but keeping track of one’s dietary intake can be an annoying pain in the arse experience. I can’t say I enjoy it. And part of me feels a little demeaned by it. But it’s becoming a necessary evil in my life. If ‘evil’ is even the right word to use…

Had a bit of a boy’s day out with some friends – it’s something we do about once a month. And based on the conversations we had (a fair few of which circulated around health), I let myself indulge a bit. And they said it was okay, given the long-term goals I was applying.

Ordered a beer-battered fish with salad upon arriving at the pub, with a cider to boot. Met up with some friends who arrived, and then, upon finishing lunch, ordered myself, in the following order, over the next six hours:

  1. A tall gin and soda with lime;
  2. pint of Hills apple cider;
  3. A schooner of New England Pale Ale; and
  4. A schooner of Fat Yak.

All in all, not too much, considering it was over the course of six hours. And I had it made clear to me that burning fat will require reducing sugars, alcohol, and working out more often. Come one month from now, I should start to see positive end-results.

Hell, I’m already seeing positive results now: our recycling bins are still relatively empty! There aren’t any empty cider bottles in them! That’s already made Jade happy, which makes me happy (yeah yeah, I know – I’m a sappy guy).




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