The Reduced Drink Experience: Day 3

Trivia night! 

We came in second place, and because I had a light breakfast and skipped lunch, I had enough free unused calories to order a sumptuous steak and salad. 

And, okay, I had a pint of cider. But as we were out at a show, and with the host’s parents, it was a total, 100% Social Engagement. 

So Jade said a cider was okay. 

Curiously enough, I did have a craving after the matter, as were leaving, to get cider for home, which – obviously – is a bad idea. So we didn’t.

Walking from The Rocks to Townhall, we kept count of our speed and distance walked to determine how many calories we burned, because, hey, it’s worth doing so! 

Tomorrow’s Friday, and we have no social engagements, and it’s also Gym Day (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are Gym Days), so no grog. 

This is still, I figure, an improvement over the last five weeks since leaving my job, where cider was a regular, daily part of my days (well, nights, really).

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