The Reduced Drink Experience: Day One

To the best of my knowledge, I don’t drink too much. 1-2 ciders per day, sometimes maybe a few more – but spread out carefully across a late afternoon and evening, so as to maintain a reasonable drink-to-time ratio.

For some time though, I had been thinking of pulling back and slowly coming off the cider – and alcohol in general. It was a desire I’d expressed prior to leaving my last job, where I most certainly drank to cope with the stresses and pressures that continued increasing in my role.

Now that I’ve been away from the job for over a month now, and have had some time to sleep in, regain a sense of sanity, and explore my interests and hobbies in greater depth, I’m thinking it’s time to fulfill some of the promises Then Ilya made to Now Ilya.

So for the purposes of engaging in a regular writing activity and tracking my developments in this Grand Quest, I’ll be producing daily updates on my progress – much like I do with my beard growth on my Instagram account. 

Let us then designate today, 7 March 2017, as Day One of the Reduced Drink Experience. 


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6 responses to “The Reduced Drink Experience: Day One

  1. I don’t think it sounds excessive, but it’s a purely personal and subjective thing unless you get to clinical-alcoholic point. To me, daily drinking sounds like a lot but if you’re only having one or two then it’s obviously just for enjoyment.

    I don’t drink in that manner, although I will treat myself to a can of cider or long drink of an evening – but that only happens once a month, if that.

    When I drink, I don’t do it for enjoyment of the beverage (although I do enjoy the taste and all). I drink for the effect of the alcohol. Boy’s movie night, party time in town, event at our bar at home, those sorts of things, I will usually have between 6 and fucked-if-I-know how many drinks, and get between reeling-merry and oh-God-what-happened-better-check-my-SMS-history-and-Facebook-feed-between-vomiting-fits-next-morning blotto. Which is considerably less healthy and responsible than your one or two a day.

    I only do it maybe three or four times a year, but it’s still not great. Not going to change though.

    I’ll be interested to see how this goes for you.

    • ohilya

      A friend pointed out: of everyone she knows, I drink the most on a consistent level. I have been known to have up to 6 ciders (bottles of Mercury Draught) per night.


      1. Not great for the wallet;
      2. Not great for the liver;
      3. Not great for reducing my alcohol tolerance;
      4. Not great for my brain.

      So reducing it to levels on par with yours would be ideal in my mind – i.e. have one good drunk a month.

      It currently takes me a lot to get drunk, which is indicative of my resistance levels.

      Also: the sugar in them is not doing me any favours, as someone actively trying to get a bit more lean and burn off excess body fat.

    • ohilya

      Doing a daily post is an activity that I find provides me a kind of…structure, if you will, to help me reinforce my goals.

      • Agreed. It’s why I got into daily posting on my blog, particularly in times while I am writing a book. Putting a daily word count at the top of the post gives me a sense of progress, or lack thereof, and spurs me on.

        Plus, I can then use the data to make horrible metrics graphs, because I have been a technical writer for too long.

        • ohilya

          The daily word count thing – you’re using MS Word or something else?

          It’s something that could be helpful for me in terms of getting me to write consistently per day.

          • I write my books in Word, yep. It’s got all the basic features I need, it’s compatible for my publishers, and I can transfer files back and forth from PC to phone so I can write wherever and whenever I need to.

            My esteemed super-sidekick Mister C of 9 transfers my .docxs into .mobis for the kindle market.

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