Residual Digital Self

​I’ve been thinking lately about the whole concept of ‘personal branding’ – a, to my mind, unfortunate but real aspect of our increasingly digitised lives. 

People use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Etsy, Livejournal, Blogger, Instagram, Reddit, Steam, etc., to communicate as well as buid social and professional ties. 

And it all makes me wonder how much work (or not) should we put into ‘curating’ ourselves. Some people, for example, have a predilection towards avoiding images of themselves (for example, my preferred avatar at all times has been Sly Boots, from Anachronox). 

Others have a picture, for example, of a tea cup, and a collection of shared images that consist mostly of silverware, food, and food or craft-relates imagery.

How much of that is intentional? Are there those who simply want to place a wall between themselves and their digital ‘selves’ to ensure a sense of (perhaps) privacy, or authenticity out of a scepticism towards being able to convey authenticity in a digital medium? 

These are but a few of the thoughts bouncing around in my mind, for some reason, as I approach my final few weeks of employment at ANZ.

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