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Nice Weather For Words

Two weeks. That’s how long it took me to feel like I knew how to do my job.

Well…just under two weeks, really. That’s how long it took me to become accustomed to the many quirks, procedures, rules, demands, and oddities involved in my new job. It’s stopped being terrifying, and has instead become immensely satisfying, and something to which I look forward each morning. But never mind all that, because I get to wear a suit to work, and that’s cool.

But really, it’s quite the lovely job. The responsibilities are varied, and complicated. And each day is full of variety. Oh, and the salary’s not too bad either.

Did I mention that I get to wear a suit to work? Suits are cool.

The workaholic in me loves it. Long hours, funny co-workers, nice perks, funny co-workers, and more potential for career-development.

Publishing’s a cool biz, folks. Seriously.


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