Stitching Songs Together

Rock journalism was not my calling. Could never have been, not because it’s hard to write reviews of musical albums (it’s not), but simply put, my familiarity of the history of music was so appalling that even talking about music intelligently produced sensations of awkwardness. How could I talk about music if I didn’t know much about who inspired whom, and how, and when and why? Whilst such knowledge is not of course necesssary to properly enjoy an album, without doubt: it does contribute a greater understanding, if not appreciation, of the music-listening experience.

Having thus spent the last few years immersing myself in music that would otherwise have not blipped on my radar (Muse, Radiohead, Simon and Garfunkel, Nick Drake, etc), how pleasant it was to come across a band about whom it was not too difficult to talk: Mumford & Sons. As they fit (loosely) within the broader umbrella of “folk-music” (one of the few areas of music about which my knowledge is fairly extensive), it led me to become, well, certainly not obsessed, then at least terribly appreciative of their wonderfully folksy and layered songs. Alongside Dave Matthews Band, they became one of those bands whose album never left my iPod.

Thus, upon learning that a new album was due to be released in late 2012, I of course made plans to obtain a copy (natch!), and why indeed it has been played on my iPod a fairly impressive number of times. And it was whilst listening to one of the tracks (Lovers’ Eyes) that I found myself humming some other melody, one those name refused to swell up to the whatever juicy part of my brain would be considered the front. Eventually however, when thinking about something else entirely, the name came to me. Michael Jackson. But what the bloody hell was the song? And of course that too was finally revealed to me: Will You Be There.

So, reader, if you’ve now, upon having read this far, thought to yourself “You know, the lad has a point”, then please, do yourself a favour and enjoy this acoustic mashup of Lovers’ Eyes and ‘Will You Be There’, by the Massachusetts-based (woo!) band, The Novel Ideas. It’s a pleasant, folky little number, and despite the female vocalist’s somewhat bored appearance, it’s well sung and doesn’t so much merge the two so much as it pays respect to their shared melody. See for yourself.

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