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Beautiful Day

There are days when I am reminded of why I love my job. Today is the day I finished, and sent to press, a 4,548 page manuscript. After having spent dozens upon dozens of hours, suffered various irksome setbacks, dealt with bizarre, inexplainable problems, the largest project of my professional career thus far has come to a close. And despite being excruciatingly exhausted, it was worth it. The manuscript is clean, the problems are solved, and a great deal of new skills were picked up along the way.

Job satisfaction? You bet. Damn I love working as an editor.


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A Year To Remember

It’s been a good day. And it’s been a fantastic month. And an amazing year.

President Barack Obama was re-elected for a second term. A friend finally finished her thesis, and is due to graduate, after having spent 9 years striving towards finishing her undergrad degree. A few more friends are but months away from wrapping up their degrees. A married friend received her permanent residency. And as a bonus, so did I (after waiting for nearly three and a half years). And a year from now, I’ll be sitting a citizenship exam, one which will allow me, a few months later, at a formal inauguration, to say “I am Australian”.

2012, you have been a wonderful year. Thank you.

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