Scenes from a Lobotomy

I love reading Twitter feeds during important debates in the US. Oftentimes, the snark from the Twitteratti (is that what we’re calling them these days?) is more revealing and interesting than the stream of platitudes that fall out of the mouths of those engaged in the debate. And never is it more revealing and valuable to me than when it’s presented from the point of view of someone who walks in shoes very different to mine. In this case, someone who is not a young, white (well, Slavic), privileged male.

The comments that caught my attention today?

DC Debbie ‏@DCdebbie

Both catholic men running for Vice President, but only one of them wants to impose his religion on my medical choice.

The other choice comment?

Laura Anne Gilman ‏@LAGilman

Biden is calm, reasoned, and factual about a woman’s right to chose, and why it’s important. This will doubtless infuriate some people.

In short, and in agreement with what these two ladies have said: It’s 2012. Abortion shouldn’t be an issue. It shouldn’t even be a topic of discussion.  Watching Ryan and Biden discuss the topic through the prism of their religous framework strikes me as fantastically weird, and brings to mind the image of a plumber trying to act like a lawyer in a court of law. So much of what was discussed at the debate just seems to fantastically weird. Being dubious towards a government-backed medicare system? It makes no logical sense. I even wonder if there’s anyone out there who actually understands how wildly complex (perhaps overly so) the US medical system is, and is cognisant of just how badly it’s in need of reform.

But then, when people are interested in putting local, native cultural norms ahead of pragmatic, obvious solutions, this is where you get: the USA, circa 2012.


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2 responses to “Scenes from a Lobotomy

  1. Arieh

    You’re guilty of the same hubris you’re accusing them of. You are assigning a value to a specific form of life, and making choices for it. Wore still you aren’t acknowledging that you’re doing so. You’re trying to proclaim that your view is “pragmatic” and to imply that it is somehow more objective.

    I for one, think you could not be more wrong. You are drastically undervaluing life. I’m not arguing that abortion should ever be legislate, but it is a choice deserving of MUCH more moral introspection. It is certainly not pragmatic or objectively easy and clear.

  2. ohilya

    I’ll leave the introspection to the women, as they’re the ones carrying it. I’m more than happy, in the meantime, to make laws that let them do as they so please with their bodies. Being mediaeval cramps my style.

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