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Quinquennial Mark

Despite the sting in my left foot (a byproduct of wearing shoes a tad too small for a tad too long a time, during a recent vacation to Tasmania), despite the peach-fuzz tickle along my throat (it’s winter-time, prepare to feel less awesome than the¬†Darya-ye Noor Diamond would, if it had feelings), it was hard not to smile about life’s circumstances.

See, today marks 5 years that I’ve been in Australia. 5 years in which I’ve had time enough for love*, work and travel. After all, who can say with the kind of perfect ease that comes to naturally to me, that they not ony like their job, but in fact, love it. And who can say that they have the best kind of friends surrounding them? You know, the kind who are a bit mad, crazy, colourful, eccentric, loving, patient and who truly are a second family.¬† And who can say that they have an excellent boss and co-workers who, during an anniversary lunch, awesomely presented me with a plaid baseball that says ‘Kangaroo Australia’ (yes, I love plaid).

Well, I can say that. So, thanks Australia. You’re pretty awesome. And I’m never, ever leaving.

*Today’s obligatory scifi reference. Just for you.

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I Can’t Believe How I Spent My Morning

For about an hour, this morning, over approximately two and a half cups of tea, a diary, and a red pen, I organised my email inbox at work. Now, I don’t mean to suggest that I got all Soviet on it and instigated a mass purge. Oh no. Rather, I made new email directories. And not just for each book on which I work, but also different systems used at our company, odd quirks that could come up as a potential query from someone, and even a ‘Useful Advice from My Boss’ directory. Because sometimes my boss says really useful things that are worth remembering.

So now I have 43 work-related email directories that I can access. 43.

I feel like I ought to go and do something completely immature and irresponsible to compensate for this judiciously adult-like undertaking. Perhaps today is a good day to wander into an arcade hall with a pocket full of coins …


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