Somewhat cruel and unusual

From a conversation had a few days ago, after rocking up at Charlie’s house:

Her: Hey sweet-cheeks!

Me: Evenin’, gorgeous. I brought you your favourite.

Her: You’re a doll. Chuck it in the beer fridge.

(Out back, Gavin and Alex and Brownie are all chatting away about something, whilst I quickly put the beer away)

Me: Hey Gav, Brownie.

Gavin: Hey Ilya! Oh, we have a new name for you, isn’t that right Charlie?

Charlie: Yeah, your parents gave you the wrong name.

Me: What? No they didn’t.

Charlie: We decided that you really ought to be called Jack Russell.

Gavin: Like the dog!

Me: What? Why?!

Gavin: Well mate, you’re clearly just like one!

Me: What? Small and white?

Charlie: And just as excitable!

Me: I like my name!

Gavin: Sure you do, Jack!

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