Oh pants!

Life is full of surprises. Most of them are small surprises, like “Oh look, there’s a spare Oreo cookie left!” or “I actually do have a pair of socks that haven’t been completely destroyed by the washing machine!”. The movies, I think, lie. But that’s okay, because they lie about the wrong things. They never tell the truth about the truly unexpectedly wondrous little moments in life that really make it delightful.

Like drying your jeans in the oven. Which is what Georgia did today, because the ceaseless rain made it impossible for either of us to dry our clothing. Sydney’s weather of late has been temperamental, and has made it hard for us to do our laundry, as we refuse to buy a drying machine, as we’ve a clothes line. But this weekend, it has been brutal. Our housemate’s girlfriend moved in the rain, and I picked up a brand new desk and filing cabinet. While it rained. All day. And all night.

And so today, fed up with the endless rain, as I was leaving to hang out with Charlie, Georgia said: “I should really just put my jeans in the oven”. In fairness, I think she said it more in jest than anything, cognisant of the fact that it was clearly a silly idea. But then the silly idea took hold, like some malevolent octopi. And she took a pair of wet jeans, looked at them, and said (with a complete lack of trepidation!) “Oh what the hell”, and put them in the oven. My other housemate wisely saw this crazy action take place, and left the oven door slightly ajar, so as to avoid the development of any otherwise highly unwanted occurrences.

It still didn’t stop Georgia from putting her jeans in the oven to dry them.


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